What is Promo Lip Balm?

Promo lip balm, or promotional lip balm, is a marketing tool ideal for presenting an individual, brand or corporate entity on the label of a tube of lip balm which is to be given to the recipient rather than sold. The majority of promotional lip balm is purchased by corporations from distributors who purchase from manufacturing companies. Several hundred million tubes of promotional lip balm are sold in the US per year.

Quality Matters

At YMlabs we take pride in our USA-made products. If you are reading this page, you most likely live in America. As Americans we expect only the highest of quality. And, as a USA-based company, YMlabs is under the scrutiny of the FDA. The result is perfect lip balm that suits the American masses! With hundreds of steps required from formulating to mixing, filling and labeling, YMlabs has a system that works to ensure customer happiness!

The mark of quality can be seen in just one little stick of lip balm:

  • Light colored, straight stick with no voids or occlusions
  • Precision tube and cap
  • Fine pin-point, informative coding
  • CMYK tight-fitting high gloss label

  • Mouse-over for image detail.

    Easy To Order

    YMlabs promo lip balm is so easy to order. Just email us your purchase order or request, along with the art. We’ll take things from there, keeping you in the loop on what you ordered, the art to be printed, and the target ship date. Take note of the following on our lip balm:

  • $10 Flat Fee Shipping on lip balm in the 48 states
  • ZERO setup charges on all products
  • PREMIUM balms (Beeswax & Vegan) at low prices!
  • UNFLAVORED balms priced to move!

  • What does YMlabs make?

    YMlabs’ acclaimed lip balm comes in five stock formulations and is manufactured in over 40 flavors. Try out our lotions, soaps, lens cleaner, natural insect repellent, all presented with your clients’ logos as great giveaways!

    YMlabs Eye of Ra

    Formulate – Mix – Fill – Label – Ship
    Lip Balm Is Our Specialty!
    All Made in The USA!

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