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Legacy Balm - Tier III Flavors

You really can't go wrong with YMlabs Legacy Balm because it feels and acts just like the lip balms we have all purchased on the market for years, with one difference:

YMlabs Legacy Lip balm Tastes Great !!!

Legacy Balm is Petrolatum-based. And we ALL know what Petrolatum is: It is what our grandmothers knew to be the best skin protectant around, and marketed as Vaseline(R). It has been used for over a hundred years for protecting the skin against the elements. This balm comes in many flavors, with or without SPF.

Active Ingredients: Octinoxate, 7%; Oxybenzone, 4%.
Other Ingredients: Petrolatum, Ozokerite, Beeswax, Mineral Oil, Coconut Oil, Flavor, Saccharin, Phenyl Trimethicone, Safflower Seed Oil, Aloe Oil, Vitamin E Acetate.

Container: White Polypropylene (PP) Propel-Repel Style Tube / White Polypropylene (PP) Cap
Unit Net Weight: 4.5 Grams (0.15 oz)
Label Options: Polypropylene CMYK Digital High Gloss Laminate Label (Standard); Matte Finish Available on Request.
Packout Options: Bulk.

For more data on YMlabs Legacy Balm, please click on any of the links below:

Product Description Item Code Ingredients MSDS
Legacy Balm SPF15 Banana 9H001 IS-2H001.pdf MSDS-2H001.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Black Licorice 9H045 IS-2H045.pdf MSDS-2H045.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Bubble Gum 9H019 IS-2H019.pdf MSDS-2H019.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Candy Corn 9H046 IS-2H046.pdf MSDS-2H046.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Cantaloupe 9H018 IS-2H018.pdf MSDS-2H018.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Chocolate 9H012 IS-2H012.pdf MSDS-2H012.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Cinnamon 9H033 IS-2H033.pdf MSDS-2H033.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Coffee 9H014 IS-2H014.pdf MSDS-2H014.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Egg Nog 9H044 IS-2H044.pdf MSDS-2H044.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Gingerbread 9H017 IS-2H017.pdf MSDS-2H017.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Grape 9H015 IS-2H015.pdf MSDS-2H015.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Green Apple 9H041 IS-2H041.pdf MSDS-2H041.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Green Tea 9H075 IS-2H075.pdf MSDS-2H075.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Honey 9H024 IS-2H024.pdf MSDS-2H024.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Kiwi 9H007 IS-2H007.pdf MSDS-2H007.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Lemon 9H029 IS-2H029.pdf MSDS-2H029.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Lime 9H032 IS-2H032.pdf MSDS-2H032.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Medicated 9C004 IS-2C004.pdf MSDS-2C004.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Mocha 9H009 IS-2H009.pdf MSDS-2H009.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Orange 9H002 IS-2H002.pdf MSDS-2H002.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Passionfruit 9H027 IS-2H027.pdf MSDS-2H027.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Peach 9H020 IS-2H020.pdf MSDS-2H020.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Pink Lemonade 9H021 IS-2H021.pdf MSDS-2H021.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Pumpkin Pie 9H048 IS-2H048.pdf MSDS-2H048.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Red Wine 9H066 IS-2H066.pdf MSDS-2H066.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Root Beer 9H013 IS-2H013.pdf MSDS-2H013.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Strawberry Champagne 9H004 IS-2H004.pdf MSDS-2H004.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Vanilla 9H016 IS-2H016.pdf MSDS-2H016.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Watermelon 9H050 IS-2H050.pdf MSDS-2H050.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 Watermelon-Vanilla 9C001 IS-2C001.pdf MSDS-2C001.pdf
Legacy Balm SPF15 White Wine 9H065 IS-2H065.pdf MSDS-2H065.pdf